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Family-Owned Business

Producing Quality Cattle

Our family has always enjoyed great food, especially quality beef like a grilled ribeye or a tenderloin roast just like we enjoy each year for Christmas Eve with our kids and extended family. 


We also know that hard work pays off when you are determined, humble and trust God's plans for you, so when we stumbled across a little piece of heaven in Ravenna, TX., we realized this was part of the plan.  Shortly after purchasing the property, we decided to put everything into it and build our own small ranch where we could raise quality cattle, ethically and responsibly. We wanted to invest in our future and our children's future and have something to pass down to our grandkids one day.

And that is how Weaver Cattle Company got started in 2017, on a small ranch located an hour north of Dallas in the great State of Texas.

We look forward to one day doing business with you. God bless you!

Dan & Ana 

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